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Our Homes

Welcome to "Our Homes" at Willow Creek in Florence, where modern living meets exceptional craftsmanship. We are excited to present three exquisite spec homes, thoughtfully constructed by Living Water Homes and set to be completed by the end of May 2023. Experience the perfect blend of style, quality, and comfort in these stunning residences, all designed to cater to your every need.

Living Water Homes, led by the highly regarded General Contractor Matt McCracken, is known for its dedication to perfection and quality workmanship. With a rich history in custom home building in Woodland Park, Florence, and Four Mile Ranch in Canon City, Matt's reputation as a detail-oriented professional and an all-around good guy precedes him.

Discover the unique features of each of our three beautifully designed homes:

  • 334 Arrowhead Drive: A 1,284 sq ft charming gem, priced at $372,000

  • 336 Arrowhead Drive: A 1,296 sq ft alluring residence, priced at $369,000

  • 338 Arrowhead Drive: A 1,252 sq ft meticulously crafted haven, priced at $375,000

Each home boasts three spacious bedrooms, two well-appointed bathrooms, and a two-car garage. The top-quality finishes, as described in the attached specifications, add a touch of luxury to these inviting living spaces.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own one of these remarkable homes at Willow Creek in Florence. With completion just around the corner, now is the perfect time to secure your dream home before it hits the market next week. Feel free to review the attachments for further details and join us in celebrating the fusion of elegant design and impeccable construction.

334 Arrowhead Elevation.png

Discover the charming 1,284 sq ft gem at 334 Arrowhead Drive, thoughtfully priced at $372,000. This inviting home offers comfortable living spaces and excellent value for the discerning buyer.

Experience the allure of 336 Arrowhead Drive, a tastefully designed 1,296 sq ft home, attractively priced at $369,000. This delightful residence presents an exceptional opportunity to own a beautifully finished space tailored to modern living.

336 Arrowhead Elevation.png
338 Arrowhead Elevation.png

Step into the welcoming ambiance of 338 Arrowhead Drive, a meticulously crafted 1,252 sq ft haven, offered at a competitive price of $375,000. This captivating home blends style and functionality, providing an unparalleled living experience for the discerning homeowner.

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